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About Us
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I am a Greek American and love both Greece and Cohousing.  During the pandemic, like so many others, I contemplated how to live my best life.  I decided to marry my two passions and thus founded the first cohousing group in Greece!  We are a multigenerational group, from all over the world and from Greece.  Together, we are creating something more beautiful and special than I could have imagined.  The combination of our group's abilities, talents, and our good luck in finding amazing property, has made for a wonderful journey and bright future for our ECohousing village in Greece.
I am a mom and an attorney who specializes in representing refugees.  In my roles as a founder of this group, I aspire to a researched, "best practices" approach to our project.  I lived in cohousing and thus have learned from an amazing community, Touchstone, but I also like to read empirical studies and books about cohousing, as well as consult cohousing professionals and other group founders, in order to find the most successful ways to do things.  Our group is fortunate enough to be attracting not only talented members but also lots of extraordinary supporters.  I feel grateful for all the amazing, people who have joined this group, the many more coming toward us each week, and the over 200 hundred who have shown interest or lent a hand.  Our members collective talents are a brain trust that has turned my seed idea into a project representing our collective values for community and sustainable living.  As we further define our vision, values, design, and traditions, this community is developing an inspiring identity of its own.  The project provides all of us satisfaction in being part of something greater than ourselves.  You can find out about my career background and my time in cohousing below (here:         )), and you will find a letter of recommendation from my cohousing community here:  
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Ivy, from Thessaloniki
I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and I've been living in Northern Greece with my husband and his family since February 2019. Before we moved Véroia, we lived in San Francisco for 7 years. I moved to the city by the bay after I graduated from Kent State with a degree in Communication and Hospitality Management. I went to San Francisco State University to earn my MBA and launch my wedding planning business, and I managed the dorm of 1,000 freshmen on campus. Community living and management have always been a passion of mine. After grad school, I moved into a co-living house in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, just a few blocks away from my husband's co-living space. Each of our houses was home to at least 40 people, and we were part of an ecosystem of co-living houses across the Bay Area known as the Haight Street Commons. I managed one of those homes for a year, and then I became a founding member of another Mission district co-living house the next year. I have a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, community management, and in the field of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). I'm a serial entrepreneur and a personal development nerd who loves traveling, dancing, hiking, gardening, learning new languages, cooking, baking, Netflix, and really fulfilling conversations with strangers waiting to become friends. You can me @lunchwithivy on Instagram documenting my adventures and chatting All About Greece [Club] on Clubhouse.
Adonis, from Thessaloniki
I'm a Greek American who's lived in over a dozen countries. I lived in San Francisco for 7 years, where I met my wife. I currently live in Greece, where I enjoy growing vegetables in my garden, cooking, and playing with the stray dogs. I love to cook, tell stories, to make things, and to travel. I become very excited about ideas and love putting them into practice. I moved to Spain to learn to play Spanish guitar from street performers, and lived in a Greek monastery for a few months to experience a traditional lifestyle. I also love to share what I've learned with others and see where they take those ideas. I've written several textbooks about programming, one of which was used to develop the COVID exposure tracing that is now built into everyone's smartphones.

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Kale-  from Massachusetts.  a former singer-songwriter on the grass roots circuit, community garden organizer, professional landscape designer, permaculture designer, and landscaper with a passion for collective decision-making.  She worked for many years as an environmental science professional advising municipalities in all aspects of water resource management and policy- their “boots on the ground” person.  One of her favorite professional achievements so far is recently preventing a NIMBY lawsuit against a multi-generational farm family-  Because family farms are absolutely necessary, but she is not so sure about McMasions.

Dave- a guitarist compost guru and an environmental scientist who has worked  in watershed protection for 35 years.  Kale and Dave chose to raise their son in cohousing because they felt that it was their best option for him to have his most independent and authentic life.  Now 14, their son is happy, healthy, self-confident and responsible.  On growing up in a cohousing ecovillage, he says “I’ve had a great childhood!”  

Their hobbies include hiking, biking, skiing and gardening.  Kale and our son look forward to learning to sail soon.  Kale is also an avid knitter and has sold her handmade woold hats at craft sales.
Explorer Members
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Robert William Peck and Greek Canadian wife Maria Pantazi Peck
Greece and Canada

Robert- Bio Selected and published here by Pare from Robert's bio on the following page:
Recently retired after 35 years with Global Affairs Canada, Robert Peck has held a variety of positions in Canada, Greece, and abroad. At Headquarters these included Press Secretary and Departmental Spokesperson to two Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Chief of Protocol of Canada. He was Canada’s Ambassador to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria from 2004 to 2007, and Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic and High Commissioner to the Republic of Cyprus from 2011 to 2015. 

As Canada’s representative to both Algeria and the Hellenic Republic, former Ambassador Peck worked closely with the Canadian oil and gas and mining sectors. This involved advocacy at the ministerial and head of state/head of government levels and providing strategic advice on critical issues and emerging trends.

Earlier in his career, he served in various diplomatic roles in Nigeria, Switzerland, and Greece. During a two-year leave of absence from the Government of Canada, Mr. Peck was Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at CAE Inc., the global leader in aerospace simulation technology.

Throughout his diplomatic career Ambassador Peck has been a strong supporter of cultural diplomacy and worked closely with leading Canadian and international artists and organizations.   As Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic he played a leading role in supporting the unprecedented and highly successful exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History in 2015: “The Greeks: From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.”

Mr. Peck was named in 2017 as an independent, non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Energean PLC, a leading independent oil and gas company in the Eastern Mediterranean. He is also actively involved in the voluntary sector as President of the Board of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO), a member of the Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG), and an Honorary Director of The Hellenic Initiative (Canada). He continues to be engaged with several charitable organizations in Greece, including a local non-governmental organization that provides a safe haven for refugee minors on the Greek island of Lesvos.In 2010, he agreed also to dedicate himself voluntarily to the Michaëlle Jean Foundation as Executive Director until 2020. Promise kept. The position will be opened next July.

Former Ambassador Peck has received numerous awards including the Canadian Foreign Minister’s Citation for Foreign Policy Excellence, the Minister’s Merit Award, a Citation from the Fondation Club Avenir  for his exceptional contribution to Canada-Algeria relations, and the Grand Commander of the Order of the Phoenix conferred by the President of the Hellenic Republic.


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Wendy is a retired American woman, who has a longstanding interest in living outside the USA in a culturally diverse community. She has lived in Canada and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire at the time), but mostly in her home state of Colorado. She has worked with non-governmental organizations in the states and internationally with grassroots organizations dealing with issues of social and economic justice and the environment. She has traveled widely, speaks French and English, and is a little bit terrified of trying to speak Greek. She loves animals, nature, walking, gardening, reading, watching movies, and a good conversation with delicious food. She has two adult children, one dog, two cats and is looking forward to a new and different life at Greek Village Cohousing.

Mika: Under construction

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Berkeley, California

I have been looking for what to do with my life after retirement for several years now.  With my small publishing company now safely cared for,  I have been revisiting a favorite site – Foundation for Intentional Community, and this is where I discovered Greek Village Cohousing (


I have been connected with intentional communities and lived in intentional community in San Francisco for 35 years.  I consider community a personal growth practice I keep alongside psychotherapy, Indian spirituality, and being in nature, and these have been very important to my life.


I am passionate about cooking, particularly for large groups, so Greek Village Cohousing is a great fit with it’s focus on cooking and eating together as well as devotion to planting and sustainable agriculture practices.  I also practice yoga and study Vendanta.  I have volunteered at a Catholic church food pantry soup kitchen for over a decade- (the photo of a typical day).


I am very excited to be part of creating the first cohousing community in Greece!

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Ashea, Caleb, Zion
Mother Shirley

under contruction:

Written for Ashea by Pare- because Ashea is always super busy helping her community and family:

Ashea is a mother, Veteran, Community Organizer, and Community Real Estate Developer.  She is an amazing person who is devoted to infusing restorative practices in daily life, development, design, and planning.  Those of us at Greek Village Cohousing find her contributions wise, warm, and always extremely helpful in moving us forward and helping us grow.


Ashea graduated from UC Berkley with a BA in Urban Studies and Design, and she is currently a Community Real Estate Developer with Ventura Partners.  She is devoted to local community and currently sits on the board of the downtown Oakland YMCA.  Her military and family background meant she traveled often and has lived in many U.S. cities and countries.  She has a particular affinity for Greece given its beauty and cultural focus on community, and she has even planned her next family reunion in Greece.


Ashea is a partner to Caleb, who is currently in Ghana, and a mother to her beautiful daughter Zion.  She plans to live in GVC with her mother Shirley, daughter Zion, partner Caleb, and she dreams about growing her family by adopting children from Ghana.


(Under construction)


Former board member of Gen- Europe Eco Village Network.  Farmer, Construction Safety and Eco Construction professional

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(Under construction):
Angela and Celeste
Psychotherapist specializing in Forest Therapy
Under Construction:
South Africa
David, Roxana and 3 sons
Roxana, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Public/Global Health, Research & Development, Vaccinology
Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Sabin Vaccine Institute
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Washington DC
I'm a fraternal twin, an avid dog lover, with Quaker roots, a varied career in IT services management, health care policy consulting, and with a Masters degree in addiction studies.  I most often relax with dog walks and sudoku puzzles.  I'm currently curious about pickle ball, micro finance, and systemic issues facing LGBTQIA elders.  A mediterranean climate, glorious shared meals with friends, access to stunningly beautiful places with rich, deep history.... what more could I want!  I'm really jazzed to be part of such a creative, interesting, engaged group of people.
Under construction- more member bios to come

We are a group of Greek and international expat families, couples, and singles engaged in an exciting project to design and purchase a cohousing community in Greece. We seek a small, select group of neighbors committed to cohousing to complete the last few spots in our founding group.

Our original founder, Pare Gerou, is a Greek American who fell in love with Greece while spending her childhood summers with family on Lesvos. She received her law degree from University of Virginia Law School and enjoyed a career in refugee law, as a Director of a Refuge Resettlement Agency, a Clinical Law Professor, solo practitioner, and refugee adjudicator for USCIS.  She returned recently to Greece to develop a successful Greek legal aid organization for refugees on Lesvos and in Athens.  Her Greek NGO, developed fully from idea to completed project, continues to thrive with an annual budget of over a million dollars.  She also has experience living in cohousing for many years and found the experience of living in cohousing meaningful and transformative.  Having a founder with cohousing experience is helpful not only to the creation of something successful, but also to the ability to vet the bona fides and ethics of the founder and group.  The cohousing community of Touchstone has provided a letter of recommendation that speaks to her character here.


Her experiences in Greece as well as in cohousing inspired her to marry her two loves and form the first group devoted to creating cohousing in Greece-- Greek Village Cohousing. This project, amidst plentiful property sales and tax and visa incentives, is ideally timed.  The need for cohousing in general has also struck a chord with many during this pandemic's time of reflection about the important things in life. 

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Joining the original founder are a select group of warm, talented and experienced individuals from several different countries as well as Greece.  They are all drawn to cohousing's ability to balance our private lives with a more meaningful community life.  Several seed group members have extensive experience living in cohousing currently.  One member has experience as a founding member of a successful cohousing community and is now drawn to Greece.  The cumulative cohousing experience of this group is over 15 years!  This experience not only contributes to the potential for success in completing development but also leads to an authentic and healthy cohousing community.  

All members of this group share a desire to live in greater connection with their neighbors and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle amidst the beauty and nature in Greece.  Some members have experience with real estate in Greece, and some have lived lives in Greece that will provide the knowledge and experience to anchor our village's integration and connection with our larger Greek community.  This is a multigenerational group who love the idea of cooking and eating together several times a week.  We also have many other interests in common and plan to integrate them into our community life.  We love to hike, mountain bike, garden, swim in the sea and pool, play mandolin and music, kayak and canoe, enjoy nature, have BBQs outside together, dance folk dances, watch our children play from our kitchen windows, create crafts out of recycled materials with children, support local community, watch out for one another in times of need, and notice and celebrate each other's success and life events - both large and small.