Notice and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: After working on our Greek Village Cohousing project for a month, a former volunteer decided to adopt the idea and project plan details and materials.  He formed an identical sounding project with a slightly different name.  However confusing, Greece Cohousing Community is not affiliated with our own community - Greek Village Cohousing.  Our communications will come from our Outreach Coordinator Pare Gerou and from the email address:  As with all groups involving investment of money, it is wise to research and ask important questions:

1.  Has the project founder attempted a cohousing project in the past, and if so, what was the result? 


2.   Does the cohousing project founder have the relevant experience living in cohousing?  Does the project founder have experience living in Greece? 

3.  Has the founder any experience developing a project or business in Greece?

4.  Have any members of the founding group experience living in cohousing? 

5.  Make sure the community identified as cohousing is utilizing best practices derived from expert experience and scientific study data.  These successful design principles and practices are outlined in the seminal book "Cohousing," as well as in numerous Danish and US empirical studies. 

  • Does the community design include the Common House?  Danish and American study data demonstrates the importance of the Common House to a community’s success.

  • Is the group engaging in participatory design process and developing their own community?  This participatory design is the basis of relationships that create neighbor connections.

  • Does the policy for completed community management include a non-hierarchical decision making structure such as consensus or sociocracy?  Is there evidence of training and commitment to that decision making methodology? 

Assurance: It is important to have a cohousing group with those who you would enjoy having as your neighbors.  Many potential members seek to ensure there they are working with those with good character, ethics, and with the experience and skills that will help create a successful community.  Our group members have many skills and talents, and several members also have cumulatively over 15 years experience living in cohousing.  Thus, there is an understanding in our group of what we are creating beyond the purchase of physical land or buildings.  In addition, having a founder and people on your team who have been successful in the past is important.  We have in our group a member who has experience forming a community that was successfully completed and is thriving.  Our founder not only has lived in cohousing but also has experience successfully developing and completing a nonprofit refugee legal aid organization in Greece during a challenging period of crisis in Europe.  A recommendation on behalf of our original founder by her cohousing community is available for Explorer member review and confirms both her good character and her experience living in a cohousing community.