Kirsten Kawamura

Some have described Cohousing as the village reimagined.  Beginning in Denmark as Bofællesskab, or living community, the first Danish village sparked a movement defined by specific architectural, social, and eco-friendly features.  It is the fusion of architecture and social policy of support and connection among neigbhors.  Bofællesskab spread worldwide to become Samenhuizen in Belgium, Kollektivhus in Sweden, and “Cohousing” in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Not your average village- the blend of specific architecture, social and sustainable characteristics of cohousing proved so successful that today, many cohousing communities have waitlists.

-Who We Are-

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We are an "intentional community".  First and foremost, we choose to know and care about each other as neighbors.

Donate to Refugee Housing in Our Community

We seek to live a connected, high-quality, low-impact life and share resources in our Common House that allow us to live more sustainably. We seek to be energy self sufficient.

A view from our land

We are design-driven. 
Our neighborhood has design elements that nurture daily moments of connection,
shared time cooking and eating together, and focus on multigenerational needs.
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Nevada City Cohousing, CA

Cohousing is collaborative housing. 
We work together to design, develop, and manage our neighborhood of private homes and shared community spaces.

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We are a diverse, multigenerational group from Greece and around the world.

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We choose Greece, with its awe inspiring beauty,  relaxed and healthy lifestyle, rich history, wonderful food, warm people, and ancient tradition of village.

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