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Our Group Has Just Returned and Will Be Giving You all the Juicy Details about Our Peloponnesos Trip and Why we Choose This Region Here- Stay Tuned!

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Beautiful Peloponnesos

We love Peloponnesos because it has it all! You have the experience of Greek island living, but unlike island living, you can hop in your car and drive to Athens for a concert at the Acropolis or into Europe for the weekend!



With its ancient stone villages blending with nature, beaches with crystal waters, tavernas, small ports and picturesque seaside villages, snowcapped Taygetos mountains, stalactite cave of Pirgos Dirou, and wild and incredibly diverse and beautiful nature, you could spend a lifetime exploring all the incredible beauty of Peloponnesos.  Close to airports and hospitals, relatively free of the hassles of high tourist islands, Peloponnesus is a wonderful place to enjoy life.   


Here are some of the outdoor adventures we plan to have......