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Village Design Choreographs Human Behavior

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We believe in the power of architecture, both in its physical and social forms, to bring people together.   Cohousing is Design for Easy Neighborly Connection Cohousing design is about a desire to strengthen community bonds.  Throughout our  participatory design process, we focused on designing a village that choreographs moments of brief neighborly connections throughout the day.   The site layout and incredible Common House makes it easy to connect with a quick hello to someone as you pick up the mail from the Common House, or perhaps you’ll receive an invitation to watch a movie together in the Common House later that night as you walk to your car.  Universal cohousing design principals have created hundreds of thriving villages throughout the world. Inspired by the Beauty of Greek Villages The heart of our cohousing design came from the inspiring Greek villages surrounding us—their simplicity, their beauty, their resilience and enduring spirit.  The village is part of the rich tapestry of Greek life over the centuries.  We were particularly inspired by the ancient village of Monemvasia, especially the way the homes integrate with the landscape, using local stone and rustic natural pigmented plaster that  mirrors the colors of the land.   We also sought to mirror the unique charm and welcoming nature of Greek Villages.  We loved our trips to Monemvasia where we collected inspiration, and our developer and talented architects have turned our dreams into this wonderful rendering.  More detail and floorplans are to come.

Our Village Design Balances
Private Homes & Spaces with
Community at Your Front Door 


Preliminary Site Plan

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