Cohousing Resources

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One particular book has been a cornerstone for many successful multigenerational cohousing communities.  Charles Durrett and Katheryn McCamant brought the Danish cohousing concept to America, and they introduced cohousing through this useful book - it is easy to understand, and the stories within are beautifully told. They coined the English term "cohousing," meaning "collaborative housing." 


"If I could make only one suggestion for your long-term success and the continued success of cohousing, it would be that all your prospective members have read this book, and that the folks in your town/area know what cohousing is. It is better for your community and the success of cohousing if people who are buying a house in your cohousing community actually know what cohousing is—in detail.   New residents who have read the book and refer to it from time to time are the happier buyers. It sets the community up to succeed and helps get people in your cohousing community who want to be in cohousing. And it makes it more fun for everyone. "(Charles Durrett)

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National Cohousing Associations
World Wide

National Cohousing Associations are a Treasure Trove of Information, Courses and Workshops, Events, Cohousing Professional Listings, and Useful Discussions.

The Cohousing Association of the United States

The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US) is an organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage the cohousing concept, support both individuals and groups in creating communities, provide assistance to completed groups for improving their systems for living together in community, and provide networking opportunities for those involved or interested in cohousing.

The Canadian Cohousing Association

The Canadian Cohousing Association is a registered non-profit organization that promotes the creation of cohousing communities as a model for sustainable development by raising public awareness about cohousing and by bringing people together to form communities. The most valuable function of the CCN is making connections with people who are interested in living in a cohousing community. CCN links individuals and cohousing groups together to share resources and make the process of creating a community easier and more economical.

Cohousing Australia

Cohousing Australia promotes collective models of housing, housing diversity, and housing choice. Cohousing Australia’s mission is to create and expand the sector, network and conditions necessary to make cohousing an option for all interested.

Cohousing New Zealand

Sharing some facilities and neighbourhood life amongst clustered private dwellings – a new wave of cohousing in NZ is developing.

United Kingdom Cohousing Network

The UK Cohousing Network was established to promote awareness of cohousing and support the development of new cohousing communities. The UK Cohousing Network is a membership organisation with a mission to enable communities to use the cohousing principles to create better places to live by reducing isolation and loneliness, and by sharing facilities and services reduce living costs.