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Our Area Services

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The new, State-of-The-Art Public Hospital Center to be built in Sparta and to be completed in 2025.  The hospital,  together with all of the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, is possible through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. A video about the hospital can be found on our Facebook page.

"The new hospital of Sparta will....provide acute secondary care for the adults and children and include medical and surgical specialties such as cardiology and urology, as well as gynecology, pediatric and critical care units.   It will also include a collocated adult mental health unit, with its own private facilities and outdoor spaces."


Here is a video from "International Living" About
Health Insurance and the Health Care System in Greece
About Dentistry in our Location:
An Interview with a local dentist 

Food & Markets

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A Food Meca- We are located in one of the best agrihood's in the world for produce and olive oil.

We have food growing literally everywhere around us and there are fruit trees on our plot of land.  The produce in the open air markets in Sparta and Gythio and in local stores is some of the best produce in the world.  We can drive to the nearby, modern grocery store in 15 minutes, we can go to one of the many farmer's markets, or we can simply walk outside and pick from our own gardens.   The area is known as well for its meat and fish, including its pork.

A visit to the grocery store 15 minutes from our village

At 6.4 on this video you will find a brief walk-through of the farmers market in Sparta.  We will also go to the seaside Gythio farmer's market as well.

Our Area Schools

We are so very happy to have found not only excellent public schools, but a really lovely private elementary school in our area that cares about and focuses on nurturing children's social emotional well being in addition to academics.  Here is a short video of our trip to visit this wonderful school. 

Under Construction- Let us know other things about the local area you would like to know

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