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Our Professionals

Evi (Pare) Gerou, Founder 
& Project Lead

Evi Gerou (also knows as Pare in the US), is our Community Founder and Cohousing Project Lead.  She has dedicated herself to combining her passion for Greece with her passion for cohousing to create Greek Village Cohousing. With Greek roots, experience in cohousing, and several years of acquiring the unique and idiosyncratic foundation of knowledge to fuel this pioneering type of development in Greece, she also has begun to consult with other budding groups aspiring to creating cohousing in Greece. 


Evi’s professional background is as an attorney specializing in human rights, refugee, and asylum law.  She developed a refugee legal aid and immigration clinic as well as a refugee resettlement agency.  True to the spirit of cohousing, her career in refugee work was motivated by dedication to providing a place and tribe to to.


As Evi holds the project as a whole and moves it forward in collaboration with the developers, the cohousing members utilize sociocratic governance to weave the village social fabric and norms. They utilize sociocracy to create the village policies that govern how they live together; they create the vision and shared values that are the foundation of those policies and that define the village, and they enjoy planning fun tours and trips to Greece as well as the various elements of the physical village they will soon inhabit. They design every aspect of their village in a way that reflects their collective vision and values.


Soon they will be planning the wonderful meals cooked together the Greek way and eaten on our beautiful plateia overlooking the Taygetos mountains.  They also will enjoy planning and being part of our many celebrations -- celebrating early and often is the Greek way and makes our village a joyful place to live.

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Our Developers


Stavros Tabaoglou is a Civil Engineer turned Entrepreneur with over 30 years in the planning, design, construction, and project management of civil and structural engineering projects.  He is also the Managing Partner at Hillcon Build Group, as well as the Business Development Manager of Peter and Paul’s business group. 


Stavros believes community is the secret ingredient of sustainability.  He is passionate about applying his decades of experience in business and engineering to sustainable community development and engineering for community.

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Real Estate and Hospitality Development

Hillcon operates both as fee developers covering projects and as construction management, project development advisors and technical consultants.

Born in Potamia, Sparti, Greece, Peter Eliopoulos is the CEO and Founder of Peter and Paul's Hospitality Group,  a constellation of businesses including event catering, entertainment, graphic design and video production, event planning and design, and eleven iconic real estate venues ranging from a reproduction village and Manor home to modern hotels. 


Hospitality is in his DNA, and his scrupulous attention to detail and quality sets the stage for joyful community events.  Looking to the near future, Peter and his partner Stavros are moving beyond community events to develop and support a community lifestyle.  On a large swath of mountain and valley outside his native village of Potamia, he and partner Stavros are developing several full time residential cohousing villages as well as several wellness, agricultural, and nature-based resort facilities for short term guests.  He has planted over 70,000 native and agricultural plants and envisions pristine nature, bountiful agriculture, good food, health and wellness practices, and strong community.  With Peter and Paul’s Wellness and Lifestyle Community,  Peter believes in supporting cohousing as a lifestyle that captures the true meaning of community and village. 

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Hillcon utilizes International Tax Accounting and Advisory Firm Grant Thornton to ensure compliance on the GVC Project.
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Our Design Team @
"WE Architecture"
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Elias Megkos, Principal Architect
Nikos Theodorou, Civil Engineer
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Our Attorney

Dafni Batsara, Esq.

Starting as a general practicing lawyer in 2000, Dafni Batsara, the founder of Batsara & Associates Law Firm, gained vast experience in Business and Personal legal services by working with the best. In 2002 she decided to establish her own law firm in Thessaloniki, on 21 V. Irakliou str. A two foreign language speaking lawyer, with strong negotiating skills, she climbed the ladder of success by working overtimes on building trusting relations with clients and wining several serious cases on behalf of them (corporate, banking, criminal, real estate & construction, insurance, intellectual property, legislation & dispute resolution). Due to her involvement in numerous legal cases, in 2005 she saw the need of creating a network of associate lawyers (each one dealing with specific issues) in several cities around Greece. The collaboration with the Associate Professor of Greek and European Constitutional Law of the Aristotle University Dr. Lina Papadopoulou was a decisive turning point. This was the beginning of the creation of Batsara & Associates law firm, that today has evolved in one of the most reliable and flexible law firms in Greece (with presence in 20 Greek cities), the Balkans (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania etc), Germany and Russia. The law firm provides comprehensive services to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals, covering them with legal advice and representation in all kinds of courts of all grades. In parallel Batsara & Associates implements pro bono and CSR practices by offering it’s free of charge services to Social Welfare Organizations and individuals with low income and no access to the Greek justice system. In 2012 the law firm was honoured to be proposed as a Special Consultant to the General Secretary of Sports at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports. From 2013 the law firm participates as a member of the Legislative Drafting Committee with a mission of writing the New Greek Sports Law. ​ In 2016 the law firm becomes a full member of the Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce ​ From November 2016 Dafni Batsara becomes the Director of the Minister's office, in the Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy. ​ From December 2017 Dafni Batsara becomes an accredited mediator (certified by KEDIP in cooperation with International Mediaton Consulting of Canada and the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights).

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Our Consultant

Konstantinos Zikos

Education: Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Konstantinos Zikos is currently the President of Greece’s leading hotel management company (HotelBrain SA) and current A' Deputy General Secretary of the Greek National Tourism Organization EOT. He has spent over 20 years (1991 -2015) practicing law as an Attorney before the Supreme Court and the Council of State and he’s a member of the Athens Bar Association specializing in the fields of : Commercial Law, Media, intellectual property, Civil and administrative law. He has worked as legal adviser to corporations, legal persons of private law, local authorities, unions, media and to consumer groups. He has also held various positions such as: •Member of the board of directors at “MARKETING GREECE SA” (2017-today) •Chairman of the board of Directors at the Greek National Tourism Organization GNTO / EOT (2011-2013) •Deputy General Secretary GNTO (2013-2015 & 2020 – 2022) •Special Legal Adviser to the Deputy Minister of Tourism (2009-2010) •Special Adviser to the Minister of Culture and Tourism and to General Secretariat of Sports (2010-2011 ) •Special Adviser to the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni (2013-2015) •Counsel-Member of the commission of Tourism Marines (2012-2015) •Member of the committee of recognition of the thermal sources (2014-2015) •Under decision of the Ministerial Council member of the management project, for the licensing procedure simplification within of law 4262/2014 in collaboration with the World Bank(2014-2015) •Chairman to the Committee reforming the change of the legislative framework of licensing hotels & non primary accommodation •I have draw up and edited as coordinator the bulk of laws 4014/2011 (condo hotels ) 4049/2012 (football violence-provisions for EOT),4179/2013(procedure simplification of licensing- hotel establishment marines composite etc) and 4276/2014 as well as the relevant applicable decrees, indicative Minister Decisions ( MD ) Num:67659(FEK B 3155/12-12 2013) “Approval modification of specific spatial planning framework of Tourism MD Number: 27715(FEK B 3118 9.12.2013),MD Number 216(FEK B 10/12-1-2015),MD Number 21185(FEK B 840/22.10.2014) •Member of State Central Advisory Committee for development act investment •Technical Adviser to the municipality of Tinos Island regarding the destination management of the island (2014- today ) •Researcher at President’s office of Organization of Housing (1996-2000) particularly with regard to the provision of legal advice in training participation in programs of social tourism and the respective agreements concluded with tourist agencies . He has participated: •To the committee on operational coordination of national tourism organization with the actions foreseen tourist promotion of the 13 regions of the country (managing authority OP competitiveness 2002) •In cooperation with the Centre for European Constitutional law institution Themistoklis and Dimitris Tsatsos as a member of the working group for the study on the implementation of the Regulatory Reform (better regulation) in Greece.

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