Our Developers

Stavros Tabaoglou is a Civil Engineer turned Entrepreneur with over 30 years in the planning, design, construction, and project management of civil and structural engineering projects.  He is also the Managing Partner at Hillcon Build Group, as well as the Business Development Manager of Peter and Paul’s business group. 


Stavros believes community is the secret ingredient of sustainability.  He is passionate about applying his decades of experience in business and engineering to sustainable community development and engineering for community.

Born in Potamia, Sparti, Greece, Peter Eliopoulos is the CEO and Founder of Peter and Paul's Hospitality Group,  a constellation of businesses including event catering, entertainment, graphic design and video production, event planning and design, and eleven iconic real estate venues ranging from a reproduction village and Manor home to modern hotels. 


Hospitality is in his DNA, and his scrupulous attention to detail and quality sets the stage for joyful community events.  Looking to the near future, Peter and his partner Stavros are moving beyond community events to develop and support a community lifestyle.  On a large swath of mountain and valley outside his native village of Potamia, he and partner Stavros are developing several full time residential cohousing villages as well as several wellness, agricultural, and nature-based resort facilities for short term guests.  He has planted over 70,000 native and agricultural plants and envisions pristine nature, bountiful agriculture, good food, health and wellness practices, and strong community.  With Peter and Paul’s Wellness and Lifestyle Community,  Peter believes in supporting cohousing as a lifestyle that captures the true meaning of community and village.