The Path to Joining Our Cohousing Community
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Step 1 – Contact us: Let us know you are interested or curious!

Contact us through our website, via phone or email. Our Outreach Coordinator or one of our members can answer any questions you might have, and we can invite you to our Friday information sessions on Zoom.  Email:    Phone & WhatsApp: 011.434.962.7801

Step 2 – Join as an Explorer: Get to know us and get seniority for unit selection!

After contacting us and talking to our Outreach Coordinator, you may be invited to attend one or two of our meetings so that you can decide whether this project resonates with you enough to explore further.  Those who want to continue may be invited to become Interim explorer members, and this membership provides them their priority number and spot in line for home selection.  This membership also provides preference voting rights in our consensus decision making process, and thus their participation, contributions and preferences begin to shape our neighborhood.  


Explorers pay a non-refundable fee of €200 ($240 USD) which is used to pay for member professional services such as legal fees. As an Explorer for 3 months, you’ll be connected with a mentor within the community to help guide you, and you will receive an orientation giving you transparent access to all project materials, including business plan, budget, and timeline.


Find the explorer application here.  Pay your €200 ($240 USD) dues here:  

Step 3 – Join as a Full Member:

Reserve your unit of choice!

Many Explorers help to create our neighborhood and become part of our community.  When those explorers decide to officially become part of the community as a full member, they pay a full membership fee and are ready to reserve their home and invest in building their community. They make a partial investment towards the cost of their home in incremental steps, and our funds are the advance purchase funds that turn our dreams and work planning into a reality.

Enjoy Learning More About Cohousing!

As you go about your journey to explore and join our community, there are many places to learn about cohousing and about our project. Start with our site to learn the basics:


Many begin with reading the seminal books on cohousing mentioned on our resource page.

A next step might be reaching out to the U.S. Cohousing Association to participate in one of their courses or events, or take a course from the Foundation for Intentional Community.