This is the developing road leading to our new plot of land! 
The Path to Joining Our Cohousing Community
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Step 1 – Contact us: Let us know you are interested or curious!

Contact us through our website, via phone or email. Our Outreach Coordinator or one of our members can answer any questions you might have, and we can invite you to one of our Friday information coffee sessions on Zoom.  Email:

After attending an information session, you may wish to visit one or two of our meetings to see if you would like to explore further, and we may wish to invite you to become an explorer member because it feels like a good fit.  During your visit, you could meet the whole group, see us in action, and learn more about what we are up to that week.  

Step 2 – Join as an Explorer: Get to know us and help shape our village!

If you have visited during a meetings, you may find you want to continue exploring, and we in turn may find it is a good fit to have you explore.  After a conversation with our outreach member, you can officially join us as an explorer.  


As an explorer member, you can get to know us, and you will participate in helping to shape our village.  Explorer members have access to all information and are an integral part of all Sunday Plenary and other meetings.  For those who have time, the most successful explorers lean in and participate in working circles and projects, educating themselves about cohousing, making friends, and co-creating.  Not only do explorers contribute to the community, but those who contribute the most significantly shape the village in ways that mirror their values and preferences. 


Explorers pay a non-refundable fee which is used to pay for member professional services such as legal fees. As an Explorer, you’ll be connected with a mentor within the community to help guide you, and you will receive an orientation as well as links that provide you transparent access to all project materials, including business plan, budget, and timeline.

Explorer status is for 3 months.  Three months is a good amount of time for people to have an opportunity to contribute and learn, to get to know us, and to visit the land.  There are vey limited opportunities to renew via request for a month or two in the case of those who are very serious and have significantly contributed to the community but who were unable in the 3 month period to get to the land. 

Given the community mission of creating multigenerational cohousing for people of all ages, Explorer membership cost varies.  Base price for explorer membership is €200  (those who are refugees in Greece or Greek citizens who have children and receive their salaries in Greece may ask for a reduction in the explorer fee). Certain professional remote workers might also be eligible for this discount upon request.

After you have completed an information coffee, you can send your interest in visiting via email and we will respond.  Once you visit, we can continue the conversation and some will receive an invitation to become an explorer member.  Our email address is:  We will have a conversation to ensure it is a good fit to explore.  Once we all are comfortable with explorer status, find the explorer application here.  Pay your dues here:  

Step 3 – Join as a Full Equity Member:

Take Advantage of Unit Priority System, Take Advantage of Early Equity Financial Benefits,

 and Reserve Your Unit of Choice!

Explorers who fall in love with our warm, talented, fun group and our breathtakingly beautiful land and pioneering project will request to apply for full equity membership.  They will have spent time with us and contributed to shaping the project, and they may also have met us in Greece during one of our group trips!  After their 3 month exploration, they will have participated in Plenary and project work, will be aware of the project risks and benefits, and they will have taken the time to be conversant in cohousing design and practices as well as with Greek Village Cohousing values, policies, and practices. Equity members are full community members and will enjoy the benefits of having the support and belonging of being part of our community that they helped build.  


Potenetial equity members will reach out to Outreach Coordinator Pare Gerou and other equity members with their interest in becoming an equity member.  The application will require basic criminal background checks and other vetting as well as a determination of good fit.  


If the application is successful, the date of the first Equity payment secures one's PRIORITY NUMBER.  That is your place in line for unit selection. Earlier equity applicants will enjoy a reduced home price as a result of committing early to the project and contributing significantly over time.

After one has completed the eligibility process, they then sign the contract for Equity membership in this link and text below.  They will also sign a contract for their ownership of the village, the Common House, common land, and other commons, and the interest in their own home.

Greek Village Cohousing Equity Membership Agreement

In consideration for membership in Greek Village Cohousing LLC and all Greek registrations of this company, I/we acknowledge that we have reviewed the information in the Equity Membership Policy, understand the risks involved and:


1. I/we are in support of the Mission, and Vision and Values of Greek Village Cohousing.  I/we are looking to become fully participating members of the community. 

2. I/we understand that that the purpose of GVC LLC is to organize a group of people committed to creating a multigenerational cohousing community in Greece.  I/we understand that we are a group distinct from land and developer and that no land or real estate is being offered by Greek Village Cohousing LLC. 

3. I/we agree to contract with the chosen GVC developer for purchase of ownership shares of our village and for my unit. 

4.  I/we will make advance deposits as called for by the group, which will be used to pay for the costs of developing the project and will be credited toward the down payment and purchase price on my/our unit and commons contribution. 

5. I/we understand that any payment made is not an investment from which I/we expect to realize a monetary gain/profit at a later date. In addition, like any other new build home or homes, I/we understand that all new build projects, including our own, alway carry some risk of loss of funds. ________. (please initial)


6. I/we understand there are no guarantees or warranties as to the project’s timing, cost of development or units, design and size of units, availability of financing, or any other contingencies in this project. ________ (please initial).

7. I/we will meet/have met with the Legal and Membership Circle to review the terms of Equity membership and policy and my/our readiness and eligibility.

8. I/we understand that Greek Village Cohousing LLC, Pare Gerou, and all GVC members are not liable for breach of the developer contract nor liable for any financial or other loss associated with this breach.  ______________. (please initial).  I understand that it is my responsibility to conduct my own due diligence and that Pare Gerou and GVC LLC is not liable for any loss. _______(please initial).

9.  I/we will abide by all past as well as future community policy decisions and Homeowners Articles.  


10. I/we plan to: share community meals several times a week, contribute to the affinity-based community works program, and participate in governance and management.

11.  I/we will take part in the “Introduction to Sociocracy” workshops as well as future continuing ed. workshops on relevant topics. 

12. I/we agree to abide by the GVC rental policy as well as policy procedures for selling our unit.  

  • I/we understand that GVC resale procedures involve priority community and waitlist offers, as well as prospective buyer education about benefits and responsibilities of cohousing.  

  • I/we understand GVC rental policy prohibits short term rentals except in very limited circumstances.  

  • I/we have requested an exception if our intention for the use of our property violates GVC policy decisions.

13.  If I/we are not currently EU citizens, I/we agree to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in Greece and/or to notify members of our intent to purchase one of the very limited amount of designated part-time residences.  

14. I/we are interested Unit Type(s) _______ bedroom(s) . We understand this is not a final selection and that the design of the unit types is to be determined. 




Submit Agreement by signing, scanning as PDF, and emailing to 


Please note membership is contingent on: criminal background and pedophile registry check, financial eligibility check, and Equity member consensus.