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We’re so happy you found us!
Here is How You Become a
Community Member
Purchase a Home in our Village
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The road to our village

Discover !

Seeking greater community and belonging?

*Start with reading our website. 

*Take our self-scored Questionnaire to see if our project resonates.

*If new to cohousing, consider the cohousing videos on our homepage.

*Discover the shared vision and values that bring us together, including exploration of our differences as well as skill building personal growth. 

*Cohousing is a bit like a social contract - regular service to community, sharing time in celebrations and cooking together, mutual care and consideration, sharing to live more lightly on the land.... Consider whether this resonates for you.


If you find you are as excited about our pioneering community as we are,

email us or fill out

a form to attend

an Info Session Meet & Greet

Email us

Explore! Co-Create!

*Email to let us know  of your interest joining or in visiting a meeting 

*Visits limited to one meeting due to numbers of interested.

*Receive an invitation to fill out a short Membership Application

*Pay your "good faith" explorer dues below:

€300 Values-Led Donation: Supports our efforts and provides opportunities for younger individuals and those on Greek wages.
€200 Regular Donation: Aids our mission significantly.
€100 Aspiration Donation: For those who see potential in joining but are limited by financial constraints

*Fill out our "Community Resume"

*Receive a 3 part orientation, explore our materials, choose your working circle, and enjoy meeting and collaborating with others during your 3 month membership


the Land!

While exploring, plan your trip to Greece.  Join us in Greece on one of our planned trips--to experience the land, explore the area, and enjoy meeting us in person and taking part in a participatory cohousing workshop.  


Fall in love with this life as we have. Apply to Become a Full Equity Member and Neighbor in our Village.

*Provide your criminal background check and vetting materials.

*Pay your nonrefundable Equity dues of €2000

*Our group utilizes a group consensus process for membership.

Invest & Reserve Your Unit

The date of receipt of your Equity Dues marks you PRIORITY NUMBER to choose your unit.

*Meet with Evi (Pare) to go over and Sign Our GVC Member Contract

*Choose your  member option below and become a member of our LLC/SA

* Sign a Contract for your percentage ownership of our Village and Commons

*Sign a Contract for your Unit.

*Pay in Full or in Installments

* Prices &

membership options



Begin your lifelong journey as a cohousing neighbor.

*Start with sociocracy, Nonviolent communication, and other cohousing coursework skills. Our budget includes a commit to routine workshops, courses, and skillbuilding so that we thrive together.

*Shape and Enjoy our village design, policies, management celebrations, and traditions.

*You are now a member of our intentional community!

Which Homes is Yours?
Our Membership Categories and Home Prices
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Membership Categories

Values Led Investing

Be the change you wish to see. Become a Values-Led Investor We are brought together by a shared visions and set of collective values, and one of those values is a commitment to diversity, including multigenerational diversity. We also value making a positive impact on the wider Greek community. For these reasons, we are developing two impact investment opportunities for our members: Supporting Local Lives and Enriching our Community: “Our Greek Heroes” Program is for those who are willing to downsize and invest in an additional unit for Greek teachers, firefighters, nurses, farmers, and other "Greek heroes" who serve our community with dedication but whose salaries are among the lowest in Europe. Through subsidized rent or a rent-to-own scheme, your investment directly uplifts the lives of those who make a difference every day. It also ensures our village includes Greeks that help you and other expats navigate their new lives in Greece. A New Beginning: “Cohousing for Refugees” Program With each unit purchased and provided through subsidized rent, you offer a safe haven for legal refugees starting anew in Greece. Facilitate a path towards stability and community integration for families from places like Ukraine who are escaping adversity. In this way, you leave a legacy for a refugee family and nurture a vibrant, supportive neighborhood. Financial and Social Dividends While the heart of our program is the social good, expect a modest rental yield from your investment or a rent-to-own opportunity. The rent will be calculated based on local Sparta rents, and the community is further looking into the possibility of subsidizing the monthly community costs for those impact investors who are offering a rent-to-own opportunity to approximate interest on your loan. Connect and Learn More We invite you to connect with our founder, Evi (Pare) Gerou, for a detailed discussion on how you can contribute to this opportunity to make a difference., WhatsApp +30.694.711.3955

Collaborative Partnership 

Imagine a home where your investment extends beyond your front door, into a community where every individual is valued and vital.

Our cohousing model is a commitment to shared growth, offering private residences within a supportive tribe that shares time with each other, co-management, shared celebrations and meals, beautiful common spaces and incredible amenities.

Engage in consensus-based decision-making and sociocracy governance training, enjoy shaping policies, planning celebrations, and forge relationships that turn neighbors into an extended family. Your home here is a place for a richer, more interconnected life.

Our Home Prices

*In keeping with a commitment to live more sustainably and anticipating life phase changes for multigenerational needs, some of our units will be able to be joined or modified as "hybrid units" in order to accommodate downsizing and upsizing.  Values-led investors will downsize their own personal unit and will invest in a second unit to enable a Greek family or refugee family to enrich our community while providing a very modest profit. 

*Our group is making decisions collectively about sustainable living features, special aesthetic features, and furniture and equipment, and that means our prices are not yet completely set in stone, but we are close! We've already begun excavation!

1 Bedroom

The hedgehog
  • 60 sq. meters/ 646 square ft

  • Home Cost (w/ furn.): €183,110  - €201,300

  • Land Cost:  €10,500  -  €11,550

  • Common House (w/ furn.):  €60,000 - €66,000

  • Utilities, Solar, Geothermal, Fiber Optics, Pool, Sports fields, ect €46,500 - €51,150

Total Approx. Price with VAT Tax included: €300k  - €330k

Values-Led Investor: 

Floor Plans and Details

2 Bedroom

The Doe
  • 95 sq. meters / 1023 sq. feet

  • Home Price (w/ furniture): €292,800 - €314,150

  • Land Price: €16,800 - €18,025

  • Common House Cost (w/ furn.):  €79,400 - €87,800

  • Utilities, Solar, Geothermal, Fiber Optics, Pool, Sports Facilities, & Commons: €96,00 - €103,000

Total Approximate Price: €480,000- €515,000

Values-Led Investor: 

Floor Plan and Details

2 Bedroom

The Warbler
  • 80 sq. meters / 861 sq. feet

  • Home cost (w/ furniture): €244,000 - €265,350

  • Land: €14,000  - €150,255 

  • Common House (w/ furn.): €80,000 € - €87,000

  • Utilities, Solar, Geothermal, Fiber Optics, Pool, Sports Fields, etc: €62,000 - €67,000

Total Approximate Cost: €400k - €435k

Values-Led Investor: 

*someone otherwise interested in a 95 sq. mtr unit will instead invest in an 80 or 60 square meter unit and purchase all or part of another unit for a Greek or Refugee Family.

Floor Plans and Details

3 Bedroom

The Rabbit
  • 120 sq. meters / 1290 sq. feet

  • Home Price (w/ furniture):  €366,000 - €390,400

  • Land Price: €21,000 - €22,400

  • Common House Price (w/ furn.): €120,000 - €128,000

  • Utilities, Solar, Geothermal, Fiber Optics, Pool, Sports Facilities, & Commons: €93,00 - €99,000

Total Approximate Price: €600,000 - €640,000 

Values-Led Investor:

Floor Plan and Details

You made it!  Only very special people make it this far.  You are just the sort of dedicated communitarian we are looking for!

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