The Path to Joining Our Cohousing Community
We’re so happy you landed on this page!

Step 1 – Contact us: Let us know you are interested or curious!

Contact us through our website, via phone or email. Our Outreach Coordinator or one of our members can answer any questions you might have, and we can invite you to our Friday information sessions on Zoom.  Email:    Phone & WhatsApp: 011.434.962.7801

After attending an information session, you may wish to visit a few of our meetings to see if you would like to explore further, and we may wish to invite you to visit because it feels like a good fit.  You would get to meet the whole group and see us in action and learn more about what we are up to that week.  

Step 2 – Join as an Explorer: Get to know us and get seniority for unit selection!

Those who have visited a few meetings and want to continue exploring may be invited to become Explorer members. 


As an explorer member, you can get to know us and our project, and you can become part of the creation process.  Explorer members are an integral part of all meetings and can participate in creating the community through a working group or project.  We welcome learning about explorer member preferences, and explorer members have the ability to express their preferences during consensus voting on design and policy. 


The date you became an explorer member is your priority number and provides you a spot in line for home selection -so that you can choose that perfect spot near the olive tree.  You will be able to explore for several months with this membership and can renew explorer status at 3 months or apply to become a full community member with full consensus voting rights. 


Explorers pay a non-refundable fee of €200 ($240 USD) which is used to pay for member professional services such as legal fees. As an Explorer for 3 months, you’ll be connected with a mentor within the community to help guide you, and you will receive an orientation giving you transparent access to all project materials, including business plan, budget, and timeline.


Find the explorer application here.  Pay your €200 ($240 USD) dues here:  

Step 3 – Join as a Full Member:

Reserve your unit of choice!

When explorer members decide to become part of the community as a full member, they then particpate in all community design and policy making as a full consensus vote rather than a preference vote.  After a celebratory toast to welcome a Greek Village Coho Community members, full membership dues are applied to the member's legal and other purchase needs.  Typically in cohousing communities, full members within a certain time frame such as 30 days, put a percentage of their home price down to lock in their unit.  Over time, they make partial investments towards the cost of their home in incremental steps; therefore, full membership funds are advance purchase funds on your community and home.  These funds are able to be withdrawn if a full member changes their mind, with certain stipulations about the timing of withdrawal during the construction loan and construction phase. 


Due to the pandemic, historic property deals, tax and other incentives for relocation in Greece, and our own particular property and project, our community has experienced an exciting and surprising outpouring of interest.  Thus, the process of full membership choice will be a mutually agreed upon choice, and we anticipate a waiting list based on expression of interest.

Enjoy Learning More About Cohousing!

As you go about your journey to explore and join our community, there are many places to learn about cohousing and about our project. Start with our site to learn the basics.


We then highly recommend the seminal book "Cohousing"available here.  The next step might be reaching out to the U.S. Cohousing Association , Canadian Cohousing Association, UK Cohousing Association, Danish Cohousing Association, Swedish Cohousing Association, or other similar organizations in order to participate in one of their courses or events, or take a course from the Foundation for Intentional Community.