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"In Cohousing Neighborhoods...

We build relationships with our neighbors by working together on practical matters, whether that is a landscape workday or making dinner. As we work together, we build trust. Over time, we find our own edges softening, gaining greater empathy for each other, and this empathy accompanies us for the rest of our lives, opening our hearts to others. Living in community teaches us to listen more carefully to what others have to share. When our communities are truly successful, they give us energy and support to engage actively in the larger civil society to empathetically and respectfully address the challenges of the human condition."

​- Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions

Our Mission as a Forming Community:
To Create Multigenerational Cohousing in Greece

We envision a comfortable and beautiful cohousing community in Greece within nature, with neighbors who care about one another and enjoy each other’s company. We envision meals cooked together using fresh ingredients from our shared gardens. We envision lives connected with each other and with the mountains, the sea, nature, cooking, gardening, hiking, mountain biking, music, and dancing. We envision a balance of private homes and shared spaces that foster daily moments of connection, mutual support, and enjoyment. We envision a high-quality, low-impact life prioritizing community, health,  multigenerational needs, living sustainably to conserve energy and water, and sharing resources to reduce waste.  

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We are raising money to provide a home to a refugee family in our community. A contribution of any size will be greatly appreciated.