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The Idea...

The pandemic has changed all of us. It taught us how short life can be, and for many like myself, living a life of delayed gratification was no longer an option. I decided to turn this pandemic experience into an opportunity to marry my two loves- Greece and cohousing. Of course, my wonderful, talented, kind, handsome son is my most treasured love, but that is another story.

While only half Greek, on my father’s side, I have always been fascinated about my Greek roots. As a child, my parents took me to visit my family on Lesvos, and I fell in love with Greece while swimming in the sea, eating Loukoumathes, and enjoying family. I was unabashed in my appreciation for Greek culture and would embarrass my cousins as I asked to ride the donkeys. Like all who come to Greece, I fell in love with the light, the food, the sea, the mountains, the history, the culture, and the people.

I would later return to Greece to develop an NGO to provide legal aid to refugees. I had graduated long ago from University of Virginia law school with a specialization in human rights and refugee law, and I enjoyed a focused and dedicated career in refugee law and ser