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Connected Community, Living Sustainably

is where sharing goes beyond the garden fence.  We share weekly meals and celebrate each other's milestones.  We collaborate regularly to manage and care for our village as well as to care for one another
as neighbors.  

Amidst valued private lives and private homes, we share time, and we strive to live a more values-led, resilient, sustainable, useful, and meaningful life --filled with joy, adventure, and each other. 

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Our Inspiration-Monemvasia


Our Village Design

Living in Greater Connection
with each other
and with the land
A Brief Introduction.....

We are an intentional community --people who have chosen to care about one another as neighbors. Some have referred to an intentional community as "extended family by choice."  We value community, and we share time with one another to create meaningful connection and mutual support.  We value the balance of our own private lives together with easy community that cohousing provides, and we value contributing our time and talents regularly to our village and reaping its rewards.  We value living a low impact, high quality life. We live sustainably by sharing certain resources in our Common House. We value cooking and eating together a few times a week. We are multigenerational, multinational, and multiligual. We value diversity and have a rich array of religious, political, and ideological backgrounds. We are breaking ground in 2024 on our utilities to build 33 fully appointed private homes clustered around a generous, shared Common House.  We are co-developers, participating with our developer to design our village. Our most important shared activity is cooking and eating together several times a week using food from our gardens. We co-create our community and co-manage our community using sociocracy so that all voices are heard.    Our generous shared amenities will include a coworking space with recording studio, common kitchen and a Greek Plateia with outdoor cooking and dining.  We will also have a pool, common gardens, basketball court, aerobic yoga studio, and workout room.  A short walk or bike ride away is a farm, olive orchard and a vineyard. Our village borders hiking and biking trails.  We plan to enjoy a year-round outdoor lifestyle.  Home prices for 1-3 bedroom homes, including all shared amenities, and including the cost of land, will range from 220k - 550k.  A typical 2 bedroom will range from 320k to 375k.  While our physical village is constructed, we are creating a community culture of trust, fun, and care.  We seek neighbors who value contributing to community, and thus we meet weekly on Zoom from around the world and gather in Greece often to design and enjoy each other's company.  We will support each other in transitioning to Greece, and we value our Greek citizen neighbors who help us in this transition.  

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What is Cohousing?

Our design choreographs meaningful social connection
and enables us to more live sustainably by sharing certain resources. 
We like to cook and eat together in our Common House! 
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Cohousing Videos

Cohousing Videos

Cohousing Videos
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Cohousing communities help prevent social isolation

Cohousing communities help prevent social isolation

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Want to Live in a Neighborhood of Like-Minded Folks? - Cohousing and Intentional Communities

Want to Live in a Neighborhood of Like-Minded Folks? - Cohousing and Intentional Communities

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Building Community with Cohousing

Building Community with Cohousing

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Your View From Our Plot!

 Cohousing: A Closer Look

Some have described Cohousing as the village reimagined.  Beginning in Denmark as Bofællesskab, or living community, the first Danish village sparked a design movement defined by very specific architectural, social, and eco-friendly design characteristics.  Each characteristic is designed to foster strong, connected community and living more sustainably by sharing resources. Bofællesskab spread worldwide to become Samenhuizen in Belgium, Kollektivhus in Sweden, and “Cohousing” in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even in Spain.  Not your average village- the blend of specific architecture, social and sustainable characteristics of cohousing proved so successful that today, many cohousing communities have waitlists.

Our Land
Greek Village Cohousing
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Near Sparta 

We love the vibrant, authentic city of Sparta, with it's full array of services, rich cultural heritage sites, warm and welcoming people, and of course some of the best food and olive oil in the world!



One of our favorite places.  A port town with lots of good fish restaurants, some great ouzeries and it is flanked by some of the most amazing beaches in Greece- one of which has sea turtles hatching each year.  It is within easy driving distance of the Mani and much of the south-eastern coast of the Peloponnesos.  

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